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MEDLIFE: Recruitment Package

MEDLIFE: Pamplona Alta



I had an opportunity to go on an amazing service trip to Lima, Peru with the organizations MEDLIFE. It was a trip that provided medical service to under priviliged rural areas. The trip was an incredible eye-opening experience into the daily lives of hardworking resilient people. The views of an entire city up in the arid mountains of Pamplona Alta in Lima was breathtaking.

Although, I wasn’t a premed student I wanted to be a part of this trip so I could capture the experience through my lens. I took photos of the people, the environment and the services provided. And then using the photos from my trip I created booklets that could be used as recruitment materials for future volunteers.

Note* I did not create the logo, but all photos and design applications are my own





This recruitment packet included an envelope that included three booklets. The envelope was a black and white stenciled look of two of the children and the city of pamplona alta. Upon opening the package there are three booklets covering the topics of The People ( a history of how civil war forced people into the mountains and the people you’d be servicing) , The Place (information and history on Lima and Pamplona Alta), and The Program (how MEDLIFE came to be). The three booklets were covered with a vellum paper welcome note and bound with a strip of paper. See below!